INSPIRING environments

The McLindon Development Group (MDG) is a real estate developer based in Baton Rouge, with a focus on the 10/12 Corridor. The McLindon Development Group has embraced a philosophy of design that creates vital spaces that are a joy to live in, and distinguished office spaces that are inspiring to work in. Our developments are springboards for living.

A Vision for the Future
We take advantage of each new development opportunity to collaborate with design and engineering firms and focus on product innovation. When coupled with our extensive development and building experience, this approach allows for aesthetically pleasing, efficient and imaginative projects.

Real Estate development is exciting and fast-paced, requiring vision and insight into the future. Energy efficiency and sustainability are design priorities in each new project.

Conservative Investments
Many developers have been hurt in this economy through overly optimistic pro formas. MDG has avoided those problems through a history of conservative investment analysis.

Investment opportunities are carefully considered for quality and soundness, and thoroughly analyzed for profit potential, cash flow and operating income. Investment opportunities include:

  • REIT/REO Distressed Properties
  • Undervalued Properties to Be Rehabilitated and Re-Tenanted
  • New Developments

Co-development and Partnering
Landowners may maximize the return on their land through participation in development profitability. MDG can act as a joint venture partner to lend financial strength and contribute project management experience to a development opportunity.

In a co-development opportunity, there is a fair allocation of risk and reward between the partners based upon contributions of value, the assumption of debt and development effort. MDG is able to offer creative JV structures that recognize the unique contributions made by individual joint venture members.

Fee-based Development Services
MDG may be engaged for the management of client-owned developments. MDG will complete the required development tasks of the project, managing the development through its entire life cycle. These fee-based services include:

  • Initial Project Planning and Development
  • Design and Construction
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Property Maintenance
  • Financial Management and Reporting

Consultation Services
MDG offers critical services to help institutional and private clients minimize the risks associated with real estate development or to maximize project returns. Consultation services include:

  • Feasibility and Market Studies
  • Analysis of Market Demographics
  • Risk Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Pro Forma and Cash Flow Modeling
  • Professional Due-Diligence Services
  • Construction Management and Project Management
  • Project Takeover and Forensic Accounting

Corporate Real Estate Service
We provide specialized services for businesses that are rapidly expanding, who demand the highest level of professional representation. MDG works with its corporate clients to align their expansion needs with operational and budgetary goals, while performing according to agreed-upon schedules for execution and completion.

If your company is in rapid growth, needs property disposition services, or has other specialized needs, we invite you to experience the professionalism that can be found with the integrated real estate services at MDG.

Integrated Services
The McLindon Development Group has the talent to plan and manage every aspect of development, including pre-development planning and due diligence, land planning and improvement, regulatory compliance, product development and construction, financing, marketing and sales. When combining MDG’s extensive building and development experience, capital resources and commitment to quality, MDG is able to create the highest level of value for each project we undertake.